Timber Windows & Doors? Nature’s Solution That Can Last A Lifetime

Though many homes in Europe have shifted more toward PVCu and uPVC as the modern building material for the movable components of both commercial and residential buildings. The benefits that the nature-given material offer is widely recognized in other parts of the world and the European countries are beginning to convert as well. Whether for your windows or doors, you always want a material that brings comfort, security, privacy, and that last long. Therefore in this article “timber windows & doors? Nature’s solution that can last a lifetime”, I stretch out the advantages and benefits of timber over other materials for windows and doors.


Do you know? The shortest lifespan of a lowly-maintained wooden door is 40 years. While most PVC won’t last more than 20 years upon receiving constant high maintenance, timbers are naturally durable. Unlike metals, they have low heat conductivity. And by that, they resist heat and rarely expand during summer. Remember yelling at a PVC door that won’t close because it has expanded? Do the front door shrieks and leaves marks on the floor during summer? You want to switch to timber for toughness and durability.


All metals corrode. This is especially common among all grades and types of aluminium, steel, and other alloys which are a substitute for the natural material. Especially in winter or spring or other rainy seasons, they are unforgiven to moisture and will readily rust to peter out. You want an investment that lasts longer and that is where timber fills the box. For windows most especially which are constantly exposed to rain, timber withstands moisture and get dry quickly. Nevertheless, this depends largely on the type of timber you use. Some timbers are more water-resistant than others and you should talk to your contractor about choosing the best in that reference.

Natural Beauty of Timber

Timbers have that natural beauty you don’t have to pay for. This adds aesthetics to both the exterior and the interior of your home. Talking about making your house a home, timber also serves as heat resistance. Keeping your home warm and cosy regardless of seasonal or atmospheric temperature. There are, however, different kinds of timbers. Each has its own unique beauty and to what degree it blows out your painting or coating.

Low Maintenance And Eco-Friendly

Finally, timber windows and doors are eco-friendly when you use timber that is FSC certified. Likewise, maintaining them doesn’t cost much just like how cheap the installation is when compared to PVC. Seek out companies that source their timber when making their windows from renewable sources, there are ecological timber window manufacturers available in the UK and Europe it is just a case of seeking out those companies as they need to state that they source their wood from a renewable source.

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